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An Experienced Legal Team For Your Social Security Disability Appeal Or Claim

William L. Redd, Attorney at Law, has more than three decades of experience helping people navigate the complex, intimidating processes required to get Social Security Disability benefits. Mr. Redd and our caring, professional staff offer personal attention to each client’s concerns and take a team approach to earning favorable outcomes.

In-Depth Knowledge Of Complex SSA Disability Criteria And Processes

Unlike some lawyers and firms that handle Social Security Disability cases occasionally, this is the clear, dominant focus of our practice. As a result, we have in-depth knowledge of how to evaluate claims and strengthen them for success under the criteria applied by Social Security Administration (SSA) officials. Our practice encompasses all types of valid claims under both major SSA programs:

Requests For Reconsideration, Hearings And Appeals · Upfront Counsel And Application Guidance When Needed

We primarily assist people who have applied for benefits and been denied in that initial phase, as well as those who were unsuccessful in the reconsideration phase. We also help people with severe physical and mental impairments determine whether they are eligible for benefits and assist with the application process if needed.

We do everything possible to succeed with our clients’ SSD and SSI claims through rigorous preparation and skilled advocacy in for Social Security hearings and appeals.

Do You Need A Charleston Area SSDI Attorney? SSD/SSI Claim Denied In Eastern Kentucky Or Southern Ohio?

Our legal team, led by a dedicated Huntington disability benefits attorney, is a proven resource for people across the Tri-State area. We have all the technology necessary to pursue your case efficiently, and we will carefully guard your personal information by communicating primarily by telephone and face-to-face, rather than email. For a free consultation to discuss your needs, call us today at 304-521-1593 or 888-809-1536.

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